Nimuh 1.02 for Windows 10


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Nimuh is an interesting puzzle game which takes on an extraterrestrial. It is a green creature of the name Nimuh. His race - Zerg, a long time watching the Earth. However, for the better development of research, they decided to send a few representatives of the planet. The task is reached with a single point of the map to another (output). People also do not run out. Specifically secret agents who want to catch the main character. We move in turn-based mode. Unfortunately alien has only one move, and the man twice. In further levels, there is support for the enemies. To reach the goal, in the lower left corner appears from time to time map. It must be read in the right way. When we do that (not easy), no problem get out. The graphics are very nice, three-dimensional. In the background, a nice muzyczka accompanies that just kinda makes the game.    Minimum requirements:  Processor: 1 GHz  RAM: 512 MB  Graphics card: No data  Free hard disk space: Not available  Sound Card: No data